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Welcome to the Fit Project's web site.

The Fit Project is an exploration of person–organisation fit in real business situations. We are studying the nature of fit, how best to measure it, and the impact of high levels of fit on organisations. It is based at the Open University in the United Kingdom.


Having had the honour of hosting the first two Global e-Conference on Fit, we can announce that we will be also hosting the 3rd Global e-Conference on Fit in November this year. Just like last year, it will be an online conference and it will be completely free! Please visit the conference website to register for information: www.fitconference.com.

Last year we launched Fit Island - the new virtual home of the fit community. Fit Island hosted our workshops, receptions, disco and firework finale. More importantly, Fit Island was open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, hosting reading groups, seminars, workshops, and meetings. Just importantly, it has proved to be a great place to chill out for a few minutes over coffee, at lunchtime or at the end of a hard day amongst other people interested in fit. Just get yourself a Second Life account (www.secondlife.com) and transport yourself to Fit Island.


New Directions in Organizational Fit

Jon Billsberry will be working with Amy Kristof-Brown, Univversity of Iowa, to produce a new book for Wiley-Blackwell entitled New Directions in Organizational Fit. The book will contain new papers from leaders in the field looking at the future of organisational fit. There is still time to be involved in this project. Click here for the Call for Papers: Call for Papers

PhD Students

We've recruited our second and third PhD students to the project. In addition to Dannie Talbot who has been exploring the concept of misfit for a year and a half, Patrick Nelson and Ross Davidson started in October 2007. Patrick is looking at the influence of person-organisation fit on organisational performance and Ross is looking at person-organisation fit and expatriates.

Free newsletter

Once or twice a year we hope to distribute a free newsletter that not only provides an update about the fit project, but also informs you about new developments in the 'fit world'. This will contain reviews of recent articles, information about forthcoming events, and news of fit researchers. If you would like to receive a copy of the newsletter, please register for it by clicking the following link:


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